Air-Flow Master Piezon®

We take the health of your smile seriously here at Renew Dental. That is why our dentists and team utilize the Air-Flow Master Piezon® in Phoenix, Arizona, to remove biofilm, calculus and other substances that can be harmful to your teeth. Essentially, biofilm drives oral disease and can be removed by our dentists in an efficient and comfortable manner using the Air-Flow Master Piezeon. Guided biofilm therapy involves removal of slimy biofilm from above and below the gumline prior to the removal of the tartar on your teeth. This ensures a more thorough clean and a healthier mouth!

Contact us at 602-277-9088 to learn more about guided biofilm therapy and set up your appointment with Dr. Gwenlynn Multine and Dr. Douglas Benting.

We have also provided several educational resources here so you can learn more: