Yomi® Robot-Assisted Dental Implants

The Yomi is a robot-assisted dental implant placement system developed by Neocis, a surgical robotics company. It was the first FDA-approved surgical robot for dental surgery in 2016 and for full mouth dental implants in 2020. The Yomi system uses haptic feedback, audio cues, and video cues on a monitor to help surgeons maintain precise location and angulation during the procedure. It can also adjust to patient movement in real time and prevent drill deviation and overdrilling.

Clinical Workflows

The Yomi system offers three clinical workflows:

  • Digitally plan implants using a patient’s CBCT scan
  • Set the trajectory of an osteotomy with the drill tip
  • Make treatment modifications and change implant type intraoperatively

The Yomi system is used in top dental practices and dental schools across the country. It can help clinicians operate with confidence and efficiency, and may also lead to shorter recovery times for patients.