In-Office Membership

We offer in house memberships for those with no insurance and for those that want to maximize coverage with a PPO insurance plan. We have developed a way to keep offering the excellent services we offer to account for the rising costs we all have experienced. What this means is once on our membership you will not have to worry as much about other out-of-pocket costs that sometimes happen when the full fee is not covered by your dental benefits. With our membership plans your fees are lower and you also get a percentage off dental work that needs to be done.

For *New Patients* there will be a $550 payment that will be taken at the first appointment. This will allow us to determine which plan best fits your needs or if you will be seeing the prosthodontist in our office.

For *Existing Patients* we will know which option is yours and you will see that there is a price increase. We undervalued our plans before and have had to re-value them with our noticeably increasing costs. We hope you understand and know that you are still getting incredible value for the services we provide. As you know we only use the latest technology and evidence-based materials for the quality care we provide.

For our *Preventive Plan* after making the annual payment of $450 you don’t have to worry about your exams and 6-month hygiene appointments during the year. If you have PPO insurance we will still process your dental insurance claim as a courtesy but you will not pay for any uncovered costs for your hygiene appointments and 20% off gives you lower out of pocket so that you can maximize your dental benefits.
*(If this is the plan that is an option for you then we can refund you $100 at the end of the appointment or, keep it on your account as a credit to use towards treatment.)*

  • New Price $450 (Actual yearly costs $1089 – Saving $639)
  • Exam, xrays, 2 prophies, Oral Cancer Screen, Periodontal Exam
  • 20% off treatment – everything besides the above

For our *Periodontal Patients* or those wanting a higher percentage off we offer a dental plan at $750 per month. This includes everything in the preventive plan plus 40% off dental treatment. We have reduced periodontal maintenance or extra prophy/preventive hygiene appointments for a fee of $100 per appointment.
*(As a new patient – If this is the plan that is an option for you then we will need $200 more to schedule the SRP treatments.)*

  • New Price $750 (Actual yearly costs $3052 – Saving $2302)
  • Exam, xrays, Up to 4 quads of SRP, Oral Cancer Screen, Periodontal Exam
  • Perio Eval and Maintenance after SRPs is $100 per appt (Perio Cost per appt $378 – saving $278 per appt for periodontal maintenance or Cost per prophy $144 -saving $44 per prophy)
  • 40% of treatment – everything besides the above

*Payment is due at the time of the scheduled appointment and becomes effective that day. *

With all plans, you also get:

  • No yearly Maximum
  • No Additional Deductible
  • No Pre-Existing Condition Clauses
  • Have dental claims submitted as a courtesy by our office. Any checks will go straight to the mailing address you have set up with your dental insurance.


  • Reschedule or Cancel SAME DAY twice for treatment will forfeit benefits
  • No Show once forfeit benefits
  • It is the responsibility of the member to maximize benefits by arranging appropriate appointments within the 12-month membership period.
  • If the appointments are not used then the member is not entitled to a refund.
  • Renewal is due at the beginning of the same month of the original joining year.
  • It can only be used at Renew Dental, 301 E. Bethany Home Rd., Suite C-194, Phoenix, AZ 85012
  • Subject to change when renewing in future years


  • Not transferable
  • Cannot be combined with any other membership plans
  • Does not apply to treatment already completed before joining